Waste disposal site prepares for Phase III

Emo’s proposed biomass site has received support from most of its neighbouring municipalities, as well as funding from FedNor.
Emo Reeve Russ Fortier met Andy Mitchell, secretary of state for rural development and FedNor, during the recent Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference in Toronto to discuss the project and said he was well-briefed on the project.
“Andy Mitchell’s office has already committed to 50 percent [of the funding]. We, as a township, have committed to 10 percent and we’re looking for other partners,” noted Emo Coun. Gary Judson, adding they’re also trying to secure provincial funding.
“We hope to have it resolved by the fall.”
The township already has sent letters seeking support of the biomass waste disposal and recovery pilot project to district municipalities.
The letter stated a feasibility study had identified a proposed site with the necessary geological and geographical characteristics.
“There’s all the municipalities in the northern area, like Kenora, Sioux Lookout, Red Lake, Ignace, with letters of support for the project. Pretty much all the municipalities from the Rainy River District have sent letters back supporting the project,” Coun. Judson said.
“We’re hoping it has bearing on getting funding for Phase II.”
Phase II will include testing the water table throughout Northwestern Ontario and conducting an environmental impact study. It is estimated a complete waste flow analysis will need to encompass a 150 to 200-mile radius.
This operational analysis is expected to last 18-24 months.
Phase I of the project included conducting a preliminary engineering topographical site survey, finding a location, holding public meetings, and organizing a Biomass Waste Recovery committee trip to Michigan to view operating landfill sites there.
Emo wants a landfill site fashioned on one near Detroit, where Carleton Farms Landfill collects waste and uses the resulting methane gas to provide electricity.