W.I. bake sale a big success

The Rainy River District Women’s Institute held a tea and bake sale on Saturday to raise money renovate and relocate the museum in Emo.
W.I. secretary/treasurer Sheri Stamarski said on Monday the event was a great success, aided no doubt by the warm, sunny weather.
“It went really well,” Stamarski enthused.
“We had a good turnout and a lot of good people put a lot into it,” she added. “We made a little money.”
The money will be put toward some much-needed renovations to the museum, which is the only one in Ontario privately owned and operated by a women’s institute.
Plans are currently underway to move the museum to a piece of property belonging to the Municipality of Emo, as the building in which it is now located is in a state of disrepair.
The bake sale was not the only fundraiser for the project. First vice-president Winnie Rouseau said on Saturday there will be at least two other events this summer alone.
“We’re holding a giant rummage sale in June and another at the Emo Fair,” Rouseau remarked.
In addition, Rouseau is working on a big quilt, which will be raffled off in December. The unfinished quilt was at the sale, where people also could purchase tickets on it.
Rouseau said she has invested 96 hours to date on the project, which she calls “Cranberry Wreath.”