Visitor rules loosened

Riverside Health Care is pleased to announce that we have amended travel restrictions related to our visitation guidelines for both our long-term care and acute (hospital) settings.

As of late last week, all visitors who have travelled outside of the province of Ontario in the past 7-days will be required to isolate for a 7-day period prior to visiting our facilities. Those visiting Long-Term Care residents from outside of the province of Ontario are also required to have a negative COVID-19 test following their 7-day isolation period and prior to visiting.

International travel, including the United States, remains restricted and subject to 14-day isolation.

We would like to remind the public that current provincial restrictions prohibit you or others from hosting members from another household indoors, except for a person from another household who lives alone or is a caregiver.

All safety procedures and infection control practices remain in place at each facility, including but not limited to, wearing a medical grade procedure mask provided by our facilities at all times, proper hand hygiene practices, physical distancing requirements, and screenings prior to each visit, including temperature checks.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome visitors from within the province of Ontario, as we recognize the impact prolonged visitation restrictions have had on our patients, residents and their loved ones. We are confident the opening up of visitor restrictions will be truly invaluable for those we are responsible to care for,” stated Julie Loveday, Executive Vice President of Clinical Services & CNE