Victim Services to hold resource BBQ


A local organization will be hosting a BBQ to help raise awareness about resources available to the victims of crime.

The Rainy River District Victim Services Program (RRDVSP) will be holding a community BBQ on Friday outside their office at 334 Scott St.

The BBQ is being held in conjunction with National Victims and Survivors of Crime Week.

The week, first recognized in 2017, is an annual outreach initiative aimed at “raising awareness about the issues facing victims and survivors of crime, and the services and laws in place to help them,” according to the Department of Justice.

RRDVSP Program Manager Peggy Loyie said that in addition to food and drink, visitors to the BBQ will be able to access additional resources.

“We’re going to have resource people inside of our building,” Loyie said.

“So if somebody comes along and they want to, they can talk to somebody from the legal clinic, or from the health unit, or someone like that.”

The BBQ is open to the public and will run from XXX to XXX.