Vendors call Easter Market best ever

If last week’s Easter Market is any indication of the season to come, vendors at the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market here will be able to put last year’s generally poor one behind them.
At least, that was the opinion of market manager Deb Cornell.
She said attendance for the annual Easter Market, held last Thursday and Saturday, came as a pleasant surprise for the vendors involved.
“Given that [Easter is] so early this year, I think it was quite good,” Cornell remarked yesterday. “I know a lot of people were selling well and the usual foodstuffs were well covered.”
Cornell was only at the market on Thursday, but Donna Lowey, of Lowey’s Greenhouse and Market Garden, was there both days and shared Cornell’s assessment.
In fact, she went even further.
“The vendors were saying it was the best [Easter Market] they’d ever seen,” Lowey enthused, noting the annual market has been going on for at least 10 years.
“My sales were good, the bakers all sold out, and the meat sales were good, too,” she added.
Lowey attributed the increased volume of customers to a combination of good weather and cabin fever. “I guess people just wanted to get out,” she remarked.
The Clover Valley Farmers’ Market opens for real Saturday, May 7.
Cornell said she’s been receiving inquiries from new potential vendors, and feels the coming season will be much better than last year, where competition from Wal-Mart and a cool, wet summer resulted in lower attendance and poor crop yields.