United Beef Club hosts first meeting

Submitted by
Kennah LeBlanc

The United Beef Club’s first meeting was held at the home of David and Shari Peters on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

The United Beef Club has 15 members this year, ranging from Barwick to Rainy River.

To start off the meeting, youth leaders, Alanna Gerula and Aynsley Williams planned an ice breaker activity that involved skittles and questions about 4-H.

Next, elections were called and our 2019 executive consists of president Andrea Schram, vice-president Brett Schram, secretary Georgia Romyn, and press reporter Kennah LeBlanc.

The leaders organized an activity where the members were put into three groups and given three bags of different types of ration that could be fed to a 4-H steer or heifer.

Each group had to match the ration ingredients to the bags. It was harder than it seems.

After the meeting was adjourned, the members and leaders went out to see the Peters boys’ steers.

We then enjoyed snacks and refreshments. The hostess was then thanked for holding the meeting.