Tyanna Wood

Tyanna Wood1

Hello, my name is Tyanna Wood and I am running for Fair Queen This year. I am 14 years old and I am heading off to my first year at Rainy River High this school year coming up. My parents are Edna and Tony Wood. I have two older siblings and two younger siblings. I work at the Rainy River drugs/Pharmacy part time and I also babysit part time. In my free time I like to go for walks and see the great outdoors. I really love going camping and I really love spending time with my friends and playing sports. One of my biggest passions is volleyball. I found out that my biggest passion for playing volleyball was when I was in grade six and I had the honor of being on the Riverview Royals volleyball team. Longboarding and listening to music is mostly some of the main things I like to do in my free time though. My future plan for myself is that I really want to become an electrical engineer or an interior designer when I graduate high school, but I don’t really know what university or college I will attend for it. Anyhow, I wanna say a special thank you to my sponsor the M.L. Judson Trucking Ltd. and my mom and dad for being some of my biggest supporters in this event. I also want to say thank you to the fair queen committee and the judges and to everyone else who worked together to make this event happen. So thank you so very much.