Two couples celebrate 50th anniversaries

Two prominent couples, Len and Mary Jordens and Willard and Joyce Wilson, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversaries back on Oct. 25.
On the Saturday (Oct. 27), the couples each received blessings from his Holiness, Pope John Paul II, at different gatherings.
The Wilsons received theirs while they were with family members at supper at the Emo Legion. Fr. James Panikulam of St. Patrick’s Church came to the gathering, blessed the couple, and than said Grace.
The Jordens received their blessing during Saturday’s Mass at St. Patrick’s Church, also presented by Fr. James.
A decorated one-layer white cake graced the table, with the inscription on the cake reading “Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary, Willard and Joyce, Len and Mary Jordens.”
After Mass, everyone entered the lower hall to help the Jordens celebrate their special day. The couple cut the cake and each one had a delicious piece.
The Jordens were married Oct. 25, 1951 in St. Hubert, Sask. They have lived in the district for the past 50 years, where they’ve raised seven children.
The couple also has 15 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.