Two books featured at Emo library

If legal thrillers and courtroom dramas pique your interest, then a novel for you is “The Motive.”
The latest release from best-selling author John Lescroart, this novel involves Hardy and Glitsky, who are embroiled in a murder that begins in the upper echelons of San Francisco society, where money and political influence collide.
Glitsky is convinced that Hardy’s client is the wrong suspect, so he breaks ranks within the police department and continues his own investigation.
Was the fire started by accident or was it arson? Were the victims alive when the fire started, or were they already deceased and why?
Stop in at the Emo Public Library and check this book out for a spine-tingling summer read.
Meanwhile, every family has good and evil stories, and how they overcome them all.
Well, the husband-and-wife best-selling authors who go by the name of Judith Michael write novels that are based on these ideas. The pressures and joys of keeping a family together with love and trust.
Their latest novel, “The Real Mother,” involves Sara Elliott, who has been forced to give up the life she’s dreamed of to return to Chicago and take care of her brother and sisters.
After finding a job and setting into the house, she begins to build a life for her 10-year-old brother and teenager sisters. Only, she has a 20-year-old brother who left home three years ago but suddenly has re-appeared.
He keeps the family always on edge, and swings from kindness to cruelty while keeping his past and present a mystery.
Sara then meets Reuben Lister, who is from New York, and they fall in love, but he has a secret to tell her.
What’s Reuben’s secret? How will Sara handle this family that has its ups and downs, and what will she do with the older brother.
This novel has enough conflict and glamour to keep you reading page after page.
A reminder that “Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince” will be released this Saturday (July 16). This is Harry’s sixth year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Keep your eyes out for this to turn up in the Emo Public Library down the road.