Trophy deer to be displayed

A trophy deer illegally killed in the Dryden area last November will be available for public display after it has been mounted and officially scored.
The first display opportunity will be given to the Dryden museum. Other agencies and institutions that can provide an appropriate setting also will get a chance to put the antlers on display.
“As part of the display, a plaque will emphasize the importance of hunting regulations,” said Bryan Merritt, Ministry of Natural Resources enforcement supervisor for Dryden District.
“The killing of this deer violated Ontario’s regulations, which are in place to protect our natural resources,” he stressed.
A Baton Rouge, La. man was fined $4,000 on July 20 after pleading guilty to the illegal night kill. A second man is scheduled to go to trial in Dryden on Oct. 19 for the same offence.
The MNR will retain ownership and control over the antlers. Displays will take place through contract agreements that will set out terms, security, and insurance requirements.
The public is encouraged to help protect Ontario’s natural resources by reporting violations to their local MNR office or anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).