Tree pick-up goes tomorrow

The Fort Frances Fire Brigade will be holding its annual Christmas tree pick-up tomorrow (Jan. 8), with proceeds being split between the Salvation Army and David’s Deli.
“We want to keep it local,” Capt. Joe Bobczynski of the Fort Frances Fire Department said this morning.
“We know there’s the tsunami thing going on and all that, but there’s people here in Fort Frances that need help, too,” he added.
Last year, all the money raised also was divided between the Salvation Army and David’s Deli.
As in previous years, residents who put their Christmas trees out for pick-up are encouraged to make a donation to the fire brigade. “People can give whatever they can afford,” said Capt. Bobczynski.
People can make donations at the time of the pick-up or at the fire hall, but they shouldn’t leave money in their mailboxes.
Crews of full-time and volunteer firefighters will be deployed to all areas of town starting around 2 p.m. tomorrow.
Residents are urged to put their discarded Christmas trees on the curb in front of their homes—not in the alleyways—and to make sure they are easily identifiable.
Capt. Bobczynski added residents should lay the trees on their sides on the boulevard, not stand them upright, so they cannot be mistaken for real ones.
He also noted the brigade only will do the pick-up on Saturday. While they’ll try their best to collect them all, any trees not picked up tomorrow won’t be taken away after that.
If you have any other questions about the Christmas tree pick-up, call the fire hall at 274-9841.