Town insures FITS

The Fun in the Sun committee got a helping hand Monday night as the town agreed to cover the July 1 events under its insurance policy.
“I’m happy to announce we were able to put a rider on the town’s policy to accommodate their insurance needs for less than half of what they were paying for,” Mayor Dan Onichuk said at Monday night’s council meeting.
“That’s a very positive move that we were able to do that,” he added.
The cost for this is $2,500, which will be paid for by the FITS committee.
Council had received a letter from FITS chair Paul Bock at its June 13 meeting reporting the committee’s insurance costs for July 1 last year were $5,400—a large sum for a self-sufficient group that has seen its fundraising, mostly Bingos, dwindle in recent years.
“We would obviously rather be bringing more activities to the town’s people rather than paying insurance premiums with the money raised, and were wondering if we could be named specifically in the town’s insurance policy as far as the fireworks and other agreed upon events,” wrote Bock.
He added this would be a way for the town to help the committee without being “forced to outlay any large amount of cash.”
“We believe the festival to be a very worthwhile community event and will do everything to keep it alive,” Bock had stressed. “However, we sure could use some help.”
Bock had noted the town used to contribute $5,000 to the event up until about 10 years ago.
Also at Monday night’s meeting, council:
•denied the Border Skating Club’s request for a reduction in 2004-05 rental charges at the Memorial Sports Centre;
•amended the Fort Frances Children’s Complex payment policy and adopted a new policy for children receiving care on a drop-in basis;
•authorized staff to proceed with a new health and safety policy regarding cemetery interment;
•agreed to the recommendation of the Administration and Finance executive committee to approve paying a doctor recruitment incentive in the amount of $5,000 to Dr. Jason Shack;
•agreed to support a resolution from the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association regarding the lobbying for the forestry industry, and authorized a special per capita levy in the amount of $0.40 per person be paid out to NOMA (this equals $3,026) so it can hire Hill and Knowlton, one of the top government lobbying firms; and
•authorized the payment of $1,868.86 to cover the expenses the mayor incurred while attending recent meetings in Newfoundland, Atikokan, and Dryden.