Tourism centre unveils moose

Lindsay Campbell

The Fort Frances Tourism Centre now has a moose in its lobby.
The stuffed animal officially was introduced during a “welcoming” reception last Tuesday afternoon.
Tannis Drysdale, a consultant with Rainy River Future Development Corp. who spearheaded the project, said she hopes the bull moose will serve as a unique public attraction.
“We were looking for more ways to get more tourists to come to the tourist centre,” she explained.
“We had this idea that if we populated it with some of the iconic things that people would see here, they might come stop.”
The new attraction stands slightly over six feet tall.
Drysdale said if it were still alive, the animal would have been six years old and weighing about 1,000 pounds.
She noted it took eight months to get the moose.
Local resident Owen Johnston was at the reception and spent quite a while eyeing up the creature.
“I heard that the moose had newly-arrived so I came to see it because I’ve only seen them at night and this seemed to be a much better situation,” he joked.
“It’s really impressive,” Johnston added.
“It’s bigger than I thought it would be and I think people are going to be astounded when they see it.”
The moose, meanwhile, remains nameless.
Drysdale said there have been a lot of questions regarding the name, and added there’s been talk about having a “moose-naming” contest.
“Right now his name is just ‘Moose,’” she remarked.
Fort Frances Mayor, Roy Avis, who was on hand for last Tuesday’s reception, said he thinks the moose is an exceptional addition to the local tourist centre.
“When the town two years ago took over this facility, we knew that we had to do something,” he noted.
“We knew that we had to have something to attract tourists to stop here.
“I don’t know whose idea this was but . . . I think it’s going to become one of the many main tourist attractions at Fort Frances,” Mayor Avis added.
“When I look at this moose, the person who has done the work on this is phenomenal,” he enthused.
“Residents in the area should drop by the tourist information centre and take a look at it,” the mayor urged.
“It’s really, really something to see.”