Tons of snow for winter carnival at Sturgeon Creek

Dave Ogilvie

Friday, March 13 marked yet another winter carnival for Sturgeon Creek School.
This much-anticipated event began (some say) as early as 1975 and has continued uninterrupted ever since.
Most traditions after that many years have the tendency to become stale and boring; some even fall by the wayside.
The school’s annual pancake breakfast, however, followed by a day of carnival games, has managed to refresh itself year after year.
New teachers with their enthusiasm, coupled with new groups of senior students eager to take over as organizers, help to make each winter carnival an exciting event.
The day traditionally begins with a pancake breakfast, complete with sausages, orange slices, and an assortment of beverages. Students, staff, parents, former teachers, and members of the community sit down together to enjoy a hearty meal before beginning the day’s activities.
“It’s a real community event,” remarked Sturgeon Creek principal Kendall Olsen. “It’s a chance for the parents of the younger students to meet and visit with others from our school family.”
The students were eager to begin the day as soon as they’d finished eating. Several gathered excitedly around the cooking station of one new teacher as he expertly created “designer” pancakes.
Others began clearing dishes and taking down tables in anticipation of beginning their first activity.
Once assembled in the gym, the students quickly split up into their teams and headed off to the various events. This year’s carnival included all kinds of races, relays, and competitions, including a treasure hunt on the school’s cross-country trail.
With the amount of snow this year, the two students in charge of this event spent a great deal of time packing down the snow in the bush in order to make it easier for the younger kids to participate.
“Getting things organized this year was a little hectic because of the snow day we had on Wednesday,” noted student Jessica Haw.
“But the captains have been really great,” enthused Karly Caul. “And all the teams are having a lot of fun.”
“Our winter carnival is an opportunity for the older students to develop their organizational and leadership skills, and it’s a chance for the rest of the students to learn to work together and to build school spirit,” Olsen noted.
Students from the Grade 7/8 class plan the day and run each event each year while the Grade 6/7 students act as captains for the various teams.
This year’s winter carnival at Sturgeon Creek was extremely well run. All team members demonstrated a positive attitude and a level of co-operation that only added to the day’s success.