Thousands turn up for Emo Fair

With the first chill of autumn already present in the air last weekend, thousands passed though the gates of the Emo Fair Grounds to indulge in an end-of-summer tradition–the 101st Agricultural Fair.
For three glorious days, children and teenagers could forget about the fast-approaching first day of school, losing themselves in life’s simpler questions, such as whether to spend pocket money on cotton-candy or an elephant’s ear.
Long-time fair-goers wandered the grounds leisurely, taking in the familiar sights and sounds of the century-old event: the roar of stock cars rounding a bend on the track mingling with the lilt of a country tune being sung on the small stage; the newly-appointed Fair Queen and her princesses rushing around in their jeans and sweatshirts and sparkling crowns; the bustle of the livestock auctions.
Agricultural Association President Gary Judson didn’t waste words summing up the success of this year’s fair.
“It went good,” he concluded. “Other than Friday when we were kind of rained out and lost one of the (chariot) races.”
Judson estimated about 5,000 people attended the fair on Saturday, roughly 400 more than last year.
“We had a lot of good comments,” Judson said. “There were good comments about the fiddler and the entertainment, and the equipment display was second to none.”
He added that the chariot racing, this year’s feature event, also attracted a large crowd. “It wasn’t sold out, but we had a good showing on Saturday,” noted Judson.
But the most popular event by far was the stock car racing, said the president.
By early Saturday evening, an enormous line had formed outside the grandstand. People waiting up to half an hour to buy tickets to the race were placated with free popsicles.
“The stock car race sold out completely Saturday,” Judson confirmed.
He also noted there were no accidents or problems with crime at this year’s fair, though police patrolled the grounds for the entire weekend. “They gave us good coverage, they were very good,” he said, adding “The midway people found four or five wallets on the midway with money and credit cards, and they’re in the process of returning them . . . they’re a pretty good bunch of people too.”