They serve

By Jack Elliott
Special to the Times

Lions Clubs. We’ve all seen them. But if you are like many, you may have wondered, ”What do they do?”, “What do they stand for?”, “Why should I care or help out?”

In the simplest terms the Lions mission statement is “We Serve.”

Lions Clubs serve the many needs they have identified in their communities. Everything from helping fund disaster relief, assisting families dealing with catastrophic medical expenses in getting treatment for childhood cancer victims, supporting diabetes research, supplying guide dogs, funding education bursaries and scholarships, identifying vision problems in school kids before they become irreversible, supporting youth activities, food banks, supporting our health care facilities with equipment ….The list goes on and on.

Local Lions Clubs through their members identify, organize, and fund raise through their myriad of project items that positively impact life in our communities… be it a major fund raiser, a community clean up or a local festival. It is all done without a sliver of personal gain. It is your friends and neighbours donating their time, effort, and talents towards making your community better places to live and raise your families.

They Serve: At the WRRD Lions Club annual meeting in Rainy River earlier this spring eight new members were inducted into the club by Lions 5M10 District Governor Susan Winner. They are (l to r) Governor Susan Winner, Archie & Eleanor Wiersema, Ashley King, Gary & Elsie Shuck, Mike Mosher, Melanie & Vaughn Murray -Submitted photo

So when someone like the West Rainy River District Lions Club asks you to lend a hand on some project or buy a ticket on their annual Pontoon Boat Raffle you know that the funds raised go to a worthy charitable cause… it is responsible, trusted, funding of local needs. Projects and needs that will not get done unless you and other community members step up to the table.

And when we all step up to the table “To Serve”, our collective efforts will make it better for everyone in our communities. Earlier this year another eight community members were inducted into the local WRRD Lions. The WRRD have a full slate of exciting projects, all aimed at bettering our collective life in our communities. It’s not very complicated. It’s just folks putting their shoulder to the wheel “To serve”
Please join us.