Tentative deal reached with elementary teachers

The Rainy River District School Board and the local Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario have reached a tentative four-year agreement, the board announced this morning.
This four-year deal, covering Sept. 1, 2004–Aug. 31, 2008, is expected to provide improved salary and working conditions for roughly 100 elementary teachers in all 11 of the board’s elementary schools.
The provincial framework provided the required guidelines for this tentative settlement.
Further contract details will be reviewed with local elementary teachers next week.
The ratification vote by the ETFO membership is scheduled for June 2 while the tentative contract will be presented to the board for a vote June 7.
The board announced Wednesday it had reached a tentative four-year deal with its secondary teachers, which also will run from Sept. 1, 2004 to Aug. 31, 2008.
A ratification vote by the local Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation is slated for May 27 while the contract will be presented to the board for a vote June 7.