Teeple crowned fair queen

Dolly Teeple became the latest in the line of Emo fall fair royalty when the presitgious crown was placed on her head by outgoing queen Tammi Mann in front of the grandstand Saturday.
Teeple, 16, was flanked by First Princess Laurel McQuaker, 15, and Second Princess Sheri Galusha, also 15.
“I knew the other girls were really good,” Teeple said, noting the judges’ decision came as a surprise to her.
“I’m so shocked,” echoed Galusha of her title.
Teeple took top honours at the entertainment night last Thursday evening. She also placed high in the banner and button sales categories, as was named Miss Congeniality by her fellow contestants.
“All the girls were really friendly and really nice,” Teeple said.
“We were all like friends before but we got to know each other better,” echoed Galusha.
“We all co-operated and tried our best to help each other,” McQuaker said.
Teeple will wear the crown until next August, when she will pass it on to the next lucky contestant. Until then, she said she’s “looking forward” to her duties as fair queen.
< *c>Fair Queen awards
•Banner–1. Sheri Galusha, 2. Dolly Teeple and Christina Kellar;
•Modelling–Jodie Allan;
•Miss Personality–Deena James;
•Parade float–1. Jodie Allan, 2. Edith McCormick, 3. Deena James;
•Button sales–1. Laurel McQuaker (more than 1,300 buttons), 2. Dolly Teeple (more than 1,000 buttons), 3. Sheri Galusha and Amy Flatt;
•Miss Photogenic–Jodie Allan; and
•Talent show–1. Dolly Teeple, 2. Deena James, 3. Laurel McQuaker.