Tbaytel successfully acquires 600 mhz wireless spectrum

Press Release

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada released the results of its 600 MHz spectrum auction last week and Tbaytel is among a number of wireless carriers from across the country that were successful at obtaining spectrum.
Tbaytel acquired a block of spectrum in the 600 MHz frequency band within the company’s geographical serving territory.
“We are very pleased with the results of the auction, since access to spectrum is an integral factor to assist Tbaytel with long term planning and preparing for the future needs of our network and our customers,” said Tbaytel president and CEO Dan Topatigh.
“Spectrum auctions in Canada and around the world are extremely competitive and this mirrors the telecommunications industry as a whole, so this win enables Tbaytel to build our newly acquired spectrum into future-proofing our network and accommodating for growth and capacity demands as we move forward,” he added.
The properties of 600 MHz wireless are useful when considering the evolution of wireless networks in Canada, since 5G service operates over traditional and new frequency bands in the low, mid and millimetre-wave ranges.
600 MHz spectrum is low frequency and allows coverage over long distances, which is conducive to optimal wireless service in rural and semi-rural areas.
The addition of this block of 600 MHz spectrum to Tbaytel’s existing spectrum holdings will support future network expansion and help meet the growing demand for wireless services.