Summer a time for holidays

Those old pioneer homes, post offices and stores of the first families around these townships are long gone, replaced with beautiful homes of the second and third generations. The old Grenier-LeBlanc home is still here.
Trish and Collen Neilson have moved into their new home here. The Gerula family have started an addition to their home.
• • •
Summertime always brings holidays for families, relatives and friends. Modi and Marjorie Neilson, joined by her brother and his wife, spent three days in Austin, at the Thresherman reunion. It’s a fun place with friendly people, rodeo, fiddle contest, square dancing, etc.
Terry and Dorothy Neilson spent a weekend relaxing at his dad’s cabin in Bergland with his dad.
Kay Neilson of Meadowside Manor had her daughter, Kathy Guthrie and son, Robert, visit her and other relatives in the area. Kay’s granddaughter Beth, is staying with her for a few days at present.
Jason Lilley of Pinewood had his parents from Dutton, ON visiting at his farm for a week.
Peggy Rahn and daughter, Allesha, spent about two weeks visiting her mother Marg Rahn of Barwick, and sister Lynn Dawn, at Rocky Inlet.
Rodelle Haney, Marg Rahn’s niece, of Atikokan, has been in hospital since January, and is strong enough to try to go home to her apartment.
My daughter, Bonnie, and husband Richard Bradley, and son, Mackenzie, spent time visiting here with family members returning to Austin, Texas last Thursday. A lot of the landscape is brown from the heat–100° and over–by August in Austin.
• • •
Elmer Norland band will be supplying the music for dancing at the Brink in Baudette on Fri. Aug. 3. Tickets for a drop leaf table and chairs still available.
• • •
There will be a Legion Dance in Emo, Aug. 4, with music by Glen Hart, Bill Wepruk, and Wayne Flatt. The event runs from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
• • •
Walter Hanson spent two days in Emo Hospital. He is home recuperating.