Sturgeon Creek holds spring concert

Sturgeon Creek School’s spring concert was an overwhelming success, with the students making sure their program spoke about spring/summer with related recitations and musical selections.
Shannon Gibson, the school’s speech contest winner, was emcee for the evening, introducing each item on the program, while Wayne Barron offered accompaniment on the piano.
After principal Don McBride welcomed the roughly 85 guests, first on stage was Vicki Ogilvie directing the JK/SK class in “A Kindergarten Smile” and “Bingo.”
They showed the reason why they’re happy—Spring is here, and that means flowers, butterflies, kites flying, rainbow after a refreshing rain, Easter bunnies and eggs, and umbrellas during showers.
Maryanne Haw then directed the Grades 1/2, who recited “Magic Penny” and sand an action musical, “I’m So Tired.” Nicki Mosbeck followed with a piano solo entitled, “Beauty and the Beast.”
An all-girls’ choir directed by David Ogilvie presented two numbers that were pleasing to the audience, “Yes, My Lord” and “One by One.” Then violin soloist Mark Barron made the strings sing in “Smash the Window.”
Don McBride directed the Grades 2/3 in two selections, “The Marvelous Toy” and a favourite of everyone, “It’s a Small World.” Then back on the stage were the Grades 1/2 as they recited, “Rain.”
“Kids are Music” was one number the Grade 4/5 choir presented, directed by David Ogilvie, with the other being “The Kazoo Koncerto.” After that, the boys’ choir expressed themselves in “Any Dream Will Do” and The Sloop ‘C.’ Chantey.”
The Grades 2/3, led by Mrs. Williams, then recited an impressive poem, “Careful Connie.”
Concluding the evening’s performance, with a well-balanced and harmonious style, was the Grade 5/8 choir under the direction of David Ogilvie, who sang “The Railway Song” and “Look on the Bright Side.”
In related news from Sturgeon Creek, the hot lunch program has concluded for this year. The school would like to thank all those parents/guardians who took time from their busy schedules to help out.
Next year’s hot lunch program was disussed at the school last Tuesday (May 6). Among the topics was the possibility of applying for a grant to help subsidize Sturgeon Creek’s lunch program.
But to be eligible, the school would have to make some changes to its current program.
Then last Friday (May 9), the school hosted a dance, with students from Grades 4-8 invited to attend.
Upcoming activities for Sturgeon Creek students include:
•Junior track & field meet at Rainy River (June 3);
•Intermediate track & field at Rainy River (June 4);
•Intermediate baseball tournament at S/C (June 18);
•Junior baseball tournament at S/C (June 19);
•Senior Kindergarten graduation (June 20);
•Grade 8 graduation and dance (June 20); and
•Family Fun Night (June 23)