Sturgeon Creek holds grad ceremony

With the gymnasium decorated in the school’s colours, Sturgeon Creek held its Grade 8 graduation ceremony Friday evening attended by parents and friends.
The graduating class’s motto was “Dreaming, Believing and Achievements.”
Principal Don McBride welcomed everyone to the ceremony. “We do realize that, in life, everything comes and goes quickly,” he said. “So enjoy this evening to the fullest.”
Graduating student Tyler Brusven introduced a slide show operated by teacher Darcy Jack, which featured the lives of the students from the cradle to this day of graduation, as well as the various school activities they participated in.
Valedictorian Kayla Lauzon’s remarks basically were directed towards each of the graduating students, and how they had helped her through some of the struggles she faced over the years.
Lauzon said her experiences at Sturgeon Creek will be cherished, adding each student was unique in their own way and that everyone had special qualities about themselves.
“As we graduate and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead, we should be proud of ourselves in the accomplishments achieved through the years, and I wish each one a successful lifetime and happiness,” she remarked.
Lauzon also thanked the teachers for their advice and knowledge to become who they are today.
McBride and Jack then handed out the diplomas to the graduating class, which included Tyler Brusven, Mitchell Gallinger, Stefan Gerber, Norman Gibson, Holly Hands, Dexter Hunsperger, Ashley Jewett, Justin Kozachenko, Melissa LaBelle, Kayla Lauzon, Kirsten Sheppard, Ben Taylor, Tylor VanHeyst, and Ashe Woolsey.
Award winners included Tyler Brusven (Ross Irvine Memorial Plaque), Stefan Gerber (the Principal’s Award), and Kirsten Sheppard (top academic student).
The top athletes were Kayla Lauzon (female) and Ashe Woolsey (male).