Sturgeon Creek holds Christmas concert

The auditorium at Sturgeon Creek School once again was packed with family, friends, and Christmas enthusiasm for its annual Christmas concert.
“When we had our dress rehearsal, the program just skipped through two hours,” noted teacher David Ogilvie.
So they decided that was long enough and cut the program at the end without having the usual sing-song of carols.
As it turned out, the program moved along quickly and was completed in less than two hours.
The concert—as always—was colourful, with each teacher employing their own creative ideas. The JK/SK class, directed by Vicki Ogilvie and dressed with green crown bands, entertained with the tune, “Three Little Christmas Trees.”
Cynthia Bolen’s grade two/three did not miss a step in their play/poem, “Hup Two Three Four” while Diana Carlson conducted the grade six/seven French Choir in D’ou Viens-Tu Bergere and L’Enfant au Tambour.
Keira Main’s grade two/three class then presented “Grandpa’s Carpenter Toys,” with the many characters acting out their parts in a humorous style.
The SK/JK choir came back strong in “I’m the Happiest Christmas Tree,” followed by the grade one/two choir in “Nothing for Christmas,” directed by Maryann Haw.
The “Book Buddies,” directed by Vicki Ogilvie, then came through with the song, “Come On, Ring Those Bells,” concluding with them wishing Jesus a Happy Birthday.
The seven-scene play, “The Greedy Elf,” directed by Darcy Jack, brought out the worst attitude in one of the elves. In the end, the naughty elf was arrested for his excessive cupidity and taken away.
David Ogilvie directed the grade four/five class in two selections, “Hallelujah Song” and “No School Tomorrow,” then Keira Main was back with the grade two/three choir rendering the song, “This Little Light of Mine.”
With the students wearing white tops and carrying lit candles, all set against a white backdrop, this was an emotional presentation, showing our world the way to spread the Christmas spirit to each other.
With help of a video presentation, the grade one/two class played/sang out “Angels Among Us.” The video featured scenes of Mother Nature at work from the surrounding area and children having fun in winter wonderlands.
Piano solos then were presented by Kalli Fuhrer (“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”), Matthew Sharp (“Frosty the Snowman), Jay Neilson (“Up on the Rooftop”), David Barron (“Song of the Manger”), and Katelyn Neilson (“O’ Christmas Tree”).
Concluding the program, the grades six/seven/eight, directed by David Ogilvie and accompanied on piano by Wayne Barron, preformed two arrangements—“The Huron Carol” and “The Christmas Song.”
Sturgeon Creek principal Don McBride welcomed guests to the concert.
Kari McLean was the emcee, who kept the program moving along smoothly while the stage crew alertly changed the set as required for the next scene.