Students ready for ‘history’ lessons

Board members are anticipating the District WI Museum in Emo will be a lively place this summer, where Jodie Allan and Deena James are working as museum curators and in the tourism department.
They were hired through different ministry grants to fill these positions.
Since both girls are local, they’re well-informed about the community and district, ranging from agriculture to tourism. They’ve grown up in the community so they can point out interesting locations and identify people with the area’s history.
With their personality and welcoming attitude, they are excellent ambassadors for Emo. Although tourists may ask vague questions, the girls will make every effort to come up with answers after a little research.
The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Sunday from 1-5 p.m.
Allan, a 1998 graduate of FFHS, plans to focus on a career in Early Childhood Education.
She has worked at the Canadian border with KGS, checking through tourist entries and departures, and she has had a stint at summer camps (Lake of the Woods) and Sunny Cove Camp as a counsellor for the Anglican Bible camp.
Allan also has been a Muskie cheerleader for three years, and likes singing.
“It is my specialty,” she noted.
Her other hobbies include rollerblading, soccer, reading, and cooking for the family when required. An outdoor person, she even has helped her father occasionally on the trap line.
James, who will be entering grade 11 at FFHS this fall, shares the same interests, as well as ringette and writing.
Both girls are open-minded, good public relations persons skilled in handling artifacts and describing them to museum visitors. They admit their positions will be demanding so being ready with answers will be an asset.
Ironically, Allan and James are two of the eight candidates vying for the 1998 Emo Fall Fair Queen title.
There’s a lot of work involved in preparing for this event, they said, like getting your banner made, working on your float, preparing for the talent show, and selling those buttons.