Students make posters against violence

Some 64 students at Donald Young School in Emo took part in a poster contest with the message, “Raise Values Above Violence.”
“We had a very good response,” noted Brigette Schulzki, adding the three judges from St. Patrick’s CWL had a hard time choosing the winners.
“I wish we could have given twice as many Raymond Respect Bears away,” she added.
The four winners were Elizabeth Steele (JK/SK), Katelyn Ann Soucy (grade one/two), Phillip Whitefish (grades three-five), and Van Paul Allan (grades six-eight).
All participants also received a pencil sporting the slogan, “Raise Values Above Violence.”
Children cannot be taught to be respectful. They can be taught to be polite, and to give the appearance of being respectful, but this is not the same.
Rather, children learn respect when they observe their parents treating each other and the members of their own family in a kind, considerate, respectful way, and they grow up thinking the way they have been treated is the way to treat others.
Kindness and consideration are the hallmarks of respect, which can be expressed in thousands of small ways–day by day, week by week, and year by year.
Growing up in an atmosphere in which kindly actions and active concern are a part of everyday life paves the way for them to practice respect and tolerance of others in their lives.
Down through the ages, the great teachers of all the world’s religions have agreed it is through small, everyday acts of kindness that we make our mark in the school of life.