Students learning to use computers

Computers at Donald Young School are an integral part of the learning environment, being used to meet specific curriculum expectations that demand the use of computer technology to fulfill their requirements.
An example would be the Grade 4 expectations in patterning and algebra that states use a calculator and computer applications to explore patterns.
Students then use a piece of software, such as “Kid Pix” or “Math Trek,” in order to complete the assignments.
Computer use begins in the earliest of grades, where students use the computer to learn and reinforce early language and math skills.
When walking into the classroom, you will notice groups of children huddled around the computer enjoying Bailey’s Book House or Millie’s Math House.
In Grade Two, they are to learn keyboarding skills so that by Grade 3, writing assignments may be entered in the computer and then edited and revised without having to recopy the whole assignment.
The final project then can be creatively published using Word Perfect or Microsoft Publisher.
“For science projects, such as our recent science fair, students use the Internet to pick [and] research a topic, then publish results for the display board,” noted one teacher.
Computer use will continue to grow as the new high-speed wireless Internet connection becomes available in the near future.
An entire class soon will be able to go to the computer lab and access the “information highway” without the current bottlenecks that occur when more than a handful go online at a time.
And with the new filtering software that’s been installed, the journey not only will be faster but safer, too.