Stroke clinic teams with library

Press Release

The greatest encouragement any stroke survivor can receive is from another who already has “walked a mile in those shoes.”
But if you live in a small community, where do you find these people?
For instance, a 30-year-old mother of two whose language centre of the brain has been affected so that she has trouble recognizing simple written words.
Often when she speaks, the words “come out wrong.”
Though maybe in video form, or written testimonial, the library is a great place to “meet” these people.
The Stroke Prevention Clinic of Fort Frances is teaming up with the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre to provide a common place for stroke survivors to meet and receive tremendous help from an instructor on how to use the resources available there.
“So much of the information and stories of other people’s experiences are ‘hidden’ in the Internet,” noted stroke clinic nurse Marilyn Erwin.
“People who have had a stroke may find it very difficult to find these helpful videos or written stories,” she explained.
“For some, the keyboard of the computer may be difficult to use or the written text needs to be translated to audio.
“Our library has equipment, which makes accessing these stories within everyone’s grasp,” Erwin added.
“All that is needed is someone to show interested individuals how to make it work, and that is what we’re providing by teaming with the library.”
Next Thursday (Jan. 31) from 1-3 p.m., the Stroke Prevention Clinic invites anyone who has had a stroke, or is interested in learning more about strokes, to join them at the library.
For more information or to make an appointment, call Erwin at the stroke clinic (274-3261 ext. 4542) or Jeremy at the library (274-9879).
One-on-one help will be given to those with appointments.