‘Strawberry Social’ winners

Press Release

The La Verendrye Hospital Auxiliary once again hosted its annual “Strawberry Social,” with crowds of people of all ages attending and hundreds of take-out orders delivered.
The weather co-operated, giving attendees and workers a beautiful afternoon on the hospital grounds.
Bringing in more than $5,300, the event was a huge success.
Prize winners at the “Strawberry Social” included:
•Freeda Carmody (plant arrangement);
•Ms. Baranowski (yard duck);
•David Dolph (gardener’s delight basket);
•Dolores Fraser (cactus arrangement and personal care basket);
•Cindy Hall (kitchen utensil basket);
•Laurie Kosowick (spa weekend basket);
•Margaret Schierer (pillow);
•Corrine Webb (desk kit);
•Cindy Ward (Renoir prints);
•Esther Fedorak (wine kit);
•Harlene Lowey (chair);
•Rita Bagacki (chair);
•Jean Pearson (deck party kit);
•Colleen Lundale (kitchen tools);
•Glenna Morand (craft basket);
•Laurie Morcil (backpack of goodies);
•Melvin Martin (teddy bear);
•Roma Larry (fishing reel);
•Andrea Larry (fishing pole/tackle);
•Shawn Crowe (knife set and tableware);
•Julie Lowry (Jobmate tools);
•Almer Matheson (books in a bag);
•Louise Erb (book for the summer); and
•Lou Neilson (piggy bank/money)