Stratton ladies win trophy again

The annual Dorothy Brannan Memorial carpet bowling tournament was held last Thursday during the “Wheels to Meals” program at the Emo Legion.
Co-ordinated by Wendy Strom, the tournament featured six teams in action, with Iris Howard playing the piano for entertainment.
Even though the Stratton ladies polished up the trophy, the Emo gals were looking to bring it back to Emo. Alas, it will stay in Stratton for another year.
First place went to the team of Mary Lange, Kari Upton, Mary Anderson, and Maxine Mason, with Jose Balcewich, Edith Irvine, Tammy Armstrong, and Ruby Douglas coming in second.
Taking third place was Annie Armstrong, Kay Neilson, Vicky Decaire, and Mary Vandenbrand, with Evelyn Brown, Loretta Hartnell, Merceline Brown, and Siiri Gallinger in fourth.
Eva Angus, Gerald Brown, Marg Leveridge, and Dorothy Mitchell finished fifth while Mollie Crozier, Maurice MacMillan, Marcine James, and Inge Szeder were sixth.
Individual trophies were presented to Ruby Douglas (sense of humour), Mary Lange (all-around bowler), Jose Balcewich (best bowler without stick), and Vicki Decaire and Tammy Armstrong (best bowler with stick).
Also receiving trophies were Maurice MacMillan (unique roll), Gerald Brown (most sportsmanship), and Lois LaBelle (most helpful).