STL bids farewell to Shrumm

The Stratton Toy Library is saying goodbye to one of its dedicated workers, assistant co-ordinator Sandy Shrumm, who had given excellent support to the centre.
The STL wishes Sandy great success in her future endeavours.
“On the same note, STL would like to welcome Laurie Anderson as assistant co-ordinator,” said co-ordinator Patti Brown.
“Laurie has been our number-one spare worker for the past 10 years and will bring her creative talents to focus to the children,” Brown added.
The STL is now accepting applications for two spare workers. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, March 13. Call 483-5319 for more info.
Meanwhile, the STL is offering a Canada Safety Council babysitting course during March Break for those aged 12 and up. Instructors will be Patti Brown and Gayleen Jasper.
A St. John’s First Aid course for beginners and refreshers/CPR is being offered there March 20-22 in the evenings. This course is full but the STL is taking extra names in case of a cancellation or for future courses with instructor Ed Carlson.
“Healthy Babies, Healthy Children” milk coupons are available for all pregnant women at the STL or Northwestern Health Unit. It is noted a pregnant women needs three-four glasses of milk daily.
Call the centre for more details.
Donations of various items/materials for kids’ crafts also are wanted at the STL. The centre also is still missing several items. If you see anything around that might belong to the STL, please bring them in.
In other news, the Valentine basket draw Feb. 13 was won by Fern Seguin (draw was made by Hailey Desserre), which raised about $35. And the STL skate-a-thon Feb. 17 attracted 14 youngsters ranging in age from four to 13, who raised about $350 for the STL.
Patti says thanks to everyone.
A reminder the STL board is comprised of Ann Michl (chair), Shelley McLean (vice-chair), Sheila Jackson (treasurer), and Joanne McQuaker (secretary).
The directors are Betty Ann Lucke, Connie Jewett, Rhonda Pollard, and Edith Haw.