‘Stay Alert’ effort underway

Press Release

The Highway Safety Education Committee of Northwestern Ontario wants drivers to watch out for wildlife while they travel through the region.
Animal strikes are one of the leading causes of vehicle collisions in Northwestern Ontario.
The committee’s latest effort to communicate this message is by partnering with local transport companies, who have allowed their vehicles to become rolling billboards advising motorists to “Stay Alert” while travelling our highways.
The large 4×6-foot signs have the image of a deer on the highway and the words “STAY ALERT.”
The sign is retro-reflective, and mounted on the rear of the vehicle so it can be seen at night.
In the spring and fall, roughly half of all highway collisions are caused by animal strikes. It is important that drivers remain alert at all times, and continuously scan the shoulders and ditches for large animals that may cross the highway.
Drivers should slow down during hours of darkness, or when conditions cause reduced visibility, so they have the ability to avoid animal strikes.
The two transport companies that have partnered with the HSEC are Caribou Coach and Sysco Food Services of Thunder Bay.
The Caribou Coach bus will run between Thunder Bay and Fort Frances while the Sysco Foods truck will travel between Thunder Bay and White River.