Stamp club welcomes new members

October is designated as “Stamp Collecting Month” and the local stamp club would welcome anyone interested in the hobby to join them at their October meeting.
It will be held tomorrow (Oct. 14) at 7 p.m. upstairs at the Fort Frances Museum.
The evening also will feature an auction, which offers a chance for you to purchase supplies, such as stamp hinges and mounts, albums, stock pages, and, of course, stamps.
You may be able to pick up a stamp that you have been looking for to complete your collection.
The hobby of stamp collecting has been carried on for many years—by young and old—and can be varied as you please.
Some collectors focus on countries, others on topicals such as flowers, trains, animals, planes, etc. It is a learning experience as you discover new countries and their stamps.
You are cordially invited to attend tomorrow night’s meeting.