Sprinkler breaks at R.R. hospital

Press Release

On the morning of Jan. 3, the Rainy River Health Centre experienced a main sprinkler break that resulted in significant water damage in the emergency department, observation, and treatment areas.
A horizontal evacuation was conducted and there were no injuries to patients, residents, or staff.
Ambulance services were impacted minimally at the time but have since resumed normal operations.
Rainy River’s emergency department remains open but has been relocated temporarily to the acute in-patient rooms, which are adjacent to the main registration area.
While the primary observation and treatment areas are being repaired, Rainy River Health Centre temporarily is unable to admit acute patients.
Riverside Health Care will accommodate all admissions and patient transfers from the west end of the district to its Emo Health Centre and La Verendrye General Hospital locations.
These transfers will be aided by the efforts of the Rainy River District Paramedic Services.
The extent of the damage currently is being assessed but we do expect the primary treatment and observation areas to remain closed for restoration and repairs for a minimum of three months.
Riverside commends its entire Rainy River staff who, with the assistance of Rainy River Fire Department volunteers, quickly were able to contain the water.
These actions minimized the impact of water within the affected areas.
We apologize for the temporary inconvenience and thank everyone for your patience while we make the necessary corrective modifications to the Rainy River Health Centre.
Riverside will continue to monitor the situation and provide ongoing updates as they become available.