Spray park fundraising hits $40,000

The Emo spray park committee announced Friday it has reached $40,000 in its fundraising to build a water spray park in Emo.
“It’s good, but we’d like to be further along faster,” committee chair Lincoln Dunn admitted. “It’s taken about nine months to get to $40,000, which has been good.
“We’re hoping now that we’re at that point that we can really accelerate things and move quickly toward to the amount we need.”
The committee is aiming to raise $150,000 in order to build the 60’ x 60’ water spray park at the Lions Park in Emo, which will offer 3,600 sq. ft. of fun for children of all ages.
Dunn indicated their ultimate goal is to have the spray park operational by July 1.
He noted the committee now will be going out into the community and surrounding areas and looking to individuals and businesses for contributions.
“We’re looking for donations of money, as well as materials and service,” Dunn said. “That’s one of the things about this project that is unique . . . it’s a labour-intensive project [so] we’re hoping to get local contractors to donate time.”
He said with enough help, it likely wouldn’t take more than a week to build the spray park.
The committee is hoping contractors will donate the time of one or some of their employees to assist, or to donate materials or equipment.
“We need cement, gravel, backhoes, electrical work, plumbing work, all that kind of stuff,” Dunn remarked, noting their goal of $150,000 includes goods and services.
“We actually don’t need to get $150,000 in money,” he explained.
Sponsorship (and tax receipts) will be given for the value of any in-kind goods or services that individuals or businesses are able to donate to the construction of the park, he added.
They also will be gratefully acknowledged on the permanent signage to be installed at the park.
Other materials needed include wire mesh and rebar, sonotubes and wooden concrete forms, subterranean electrical wiring, water supply and drain line, and landscaping materials like seed and soil.
In addition to seeking donations from the community, the Emo spray park committee will continue with its fundraising through campaigns and events.
It still is taking orders for its brick campaign. The commemorative bricks, which cost $100 each (up to 28 characters on two lines), will be a part of the design.
They can be dedicated to family, friends, businesses, or in memoriam. Larger corporate brick options are available, as well, featuring logos or trademarks.
More than 50 bricks have been purchased to date.
As well, Dunn said the committee will be hosting a casino and silent auction night on April 5 upstairs at the Emo-La Vallee Community Centre.
And coinciding with Emo Spring Fever Days, it is planning to hold a rubber duckie race in the river (as long as the ice is out).
Tickets and more information on these events will be available in the near future.
Dunn also stressed the Emo spray park committee has received several substantial donations it wishes to mention. They are from Tompkins Hardware, the Masonic Lodge, and CIBC.
“We’re had a lot of community support,” Dunn enthused. “I don’t see why we can’t [get] there.”