Spearhead found near Nestor Falls

What began as a little boy chasing a frog on the beach ended up in a primitive keepsake for his dad.
Two weeks ago, four-year-old Jesse Cameron found what his father, Don, believes was an ancient arrowhead lying in shallow water along the shore of Lake of the Woods near Nestor Falls during a break from fishing.
“[Jesse] came running over and said ‘Look at this pretty rock I found,’” noted Cameron, adding the lake’s low water level definitely made the object easier to spot.
Cameron, who made a bee line for the library shortly after bringing home the artifact, said he’s convinced the arrowhead is at least 5,000 years old.
“From the books I’ve read, I would say it’s from the Archaic period,” he added.
That’s a conclusion that interested Manitou Mounds curator Stacey Bruyere. “I would be very interested in seeing it,” she said yesterday.
“It could be as old as 9,000 years [BC],” she added. “History dates back that far around here. But unless I see [the arrowhead], I couldn’t confirm [its age].”
For the time being at least, Cameron is planning to keep the artifact, with thoughts of displaying it in a glass showcase.