Some answers to questions on EFP workshops

Here is some information about the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) workshops and the cost-share program opportunities.
More information is available from the local Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association program representative, OSCIA’s Guelph office, or at
•I have already completed an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP). Am I eligible for this new cost-share funding?
If you participated in an EFP workshop between 1993 and April, 2004, and had your EFP action plan peer reviewed and deemed appropriate, cost-share funding may be available for eligible projects developed after April 1, 2004.
If you didn’t have an EFP deemed appropriate prior to April, 2004, the retroactivity does not apply.
This opportunity is only available until March 31, 2006. All project proposal applications received after that date will require the new, third edition EFP action plan deemed appropriate through peer review.
The new third edition EFP has been updated to enhance the program and reflect new legislation since the previous editions.
We highly recommend participating in a new EFP workshop—even if you already have completed an EFP.
•How much can I receive?
Registered farm businesses are eligible for up to $45,000 in funding for projects identified in their EFP action plan that are on the “Beneficial Management Practices” list at the cost-share levels and funding caps indicated.
There are three different and integrated federal cost-share programs that may be accessed by eligible producers. They are the Canada-Ontario Farm Stewardship Program, Greencover Canada, and the Canada-Ontario Water Supply Expansion Program.
Eligible projects may be federally-funded at up to 30 percent, 33 percent, or 50 percent, depending on the program and category.
•Can I stack the federal funding with other sources of funding?
Funding can be stacked; however, total federal and provincial funding cannot exceed the caps established by government partners for the eligible project costs.
•How will in-kind work be considered?
The producer’s own labour and that contributed by dependents of the producer, and the use of essential equipment owned and contributed by the producer, will be considered as part of your contribution to each project and eligible for cost-share.
Time invested in planning, supervision, and management are not eligible costs.
•Are EFPs still confidential?
Yes, all EFP information is and remains confidential.
•How long will his program last?
The funding will be available until March 31, 2008 or when the funds are completely allocated, whichever comes first.
•How do I apply?
Contact the OSCIA at 1-800-265-9751, e-mail, or visit to find out when a workshop will be available in your area.
< *c>Dates to remember
• Sept. 3—Cattle sale, Stratton.