Soil, crop tour set for next Wednesday

The annual farm tour–set up for farmers to exchange agricultural ideas and techniques–is set for next Wednesday.
“It’s educational but it’s also for the promotion of new ideas or ideas that are in use on other farms that may be of benefit across the district,” noted Mike Neilson, president of the Rainy River District Soil and Crop Improvement Association, which is organizing the tour.
This year’s tour will feature four farms in the east end of the agricultural community, with everyone meeting at the Emo Research Station at 10 a.m.
Those taking the tour also can meet at the first stop, Larry Lamb’s Purity Seeds (just south of Emo), at 10:15.
“We’ll discuss tile drainage and its use and application in the crop production across the district,” said Neilson.
Everyone on the tour is encouraged to pack a lunch for the second stop, Arnold Kaemingh’s dairy farm just south of Devlin.
“That’ll be the lunch stop. There, we’ll discuss storage feed in the dairy operation,” said Neilson.
Every year, a more uncommon topic is included in the tour for interest’s sake and this year that will be at the third stop–Northwest Nursery north of Devlin.
“We always try to have a stop that is more unique and universal and that is the hothouse tomatoes,” said Neilson. “He’s going to talk to us about his hothouse tomatoes, the operation, and marketing.”
The final stop will be Cornell Farms north of Devlin, where owner Kim Cornell will discuss his synchronized breeding program at the elk farm.
The tour, which is expected to wrap up around 3 p.m., is always a draw for farmers across the district to exchange advice and stories about the industry locally and abroad.
“There are the four main topics but I mean once you are out there, anything can come up,” said Neilson.
“I’d just like to thank the host farms because it’s so busy for everybody right now but it’s so important for people to do this,” he added.