Small things that make a big difference

Maybe all this “home improvement” jazz is just a little too much for you. Well, if you’re like me and don’t always want to do the bigger projects, here’s a few small tips you can do to touch up the home.


Get as creative as you do or don’t want with this. If your walls look a little drab, add a splash of colour. If there’s just a few spots that need touching up, then you’ve got less to do. If you’re artistic and want to go crazy, why not try a mural or something? It doesn’t need to be anything drastic, just something new.

Install window boxes

This one isn’t my cup of tea since I’m not exactly a gardening guru, but try putting some potted plants along your window ledge in a box. They look and smell nice (I assume) and can give you a little hobby as you maintain them.

Maximize storage space

What’s under your stairs? Are you using the empty space (if there is any) to store items? If you’re not already, using spaces like those to your advantage are key to keeping clutter at bay.

Update family photos

This doesn’t mean getting rid of old photos, but Mom, I’m not three anymore.

Finish the basement

Whether it needs a tidy or a full refurbish, polishing up the sub-ground level can really open the door to a lot of things. Your basement can act as another living space, providing room for an entertainment area or home gym or whatever you happen to be into. This upgrade can also help your home sell faster should you decide to do so.

Replace cabinet handles

If every time you go to grab a box of Cheerios, you have to re-screw the knob, it’s time. But even if it’s not quite that bad, changing out your handles (or even the whole cabinet) can give your kitchen a nice facelift.

Add open shelving

Circling back to “maximizing storage space,” using open shelving in your kitchen for spices, condiments or ingredients can free up lots of space for you to store everyone’s favourite — more food.

Invest in a new mattress

This one is easy in that it isn’t much work, but it’s likely hard on the wallet. But after a hard day of doing whatever you do, a comfortable place to lay down can make a big difference.

Tidy the junk drawer

I know I said these were “small” projects, but we’ve come so far. Just try it. I believe in you.