Seven new fires reported

Lightning continues to be the main cause of new fires in the region, with seven new blazes reported yesterday.
Two of these were located in Fort Frances District, with one in Dryden District and the remaining four in Nipigon District.
The two Fort Frances fires were located east of Fort Frances (one about 25 km east, the other at 50 km), and are both small (0.2 hectares) in size. One is classified as “under control” while the other is being “held.”
Fort Frances District has seen a total of 40 blazes since April 1, consuming 18.3 ha.
Despite regular fire starts across the region due to lightning, firefighting efforts are bringing results as a number of the new fires and other active fires in the region are being declared” under control” or “out” each day.
Northern reconnaissance flights in Red Lake and Sioux Lookout district are being flown over fires in the far north that are being monitored but not posing any threat to values or communities.
Aerial detection patrols are also focusing on areas that have received lightning with light rain, and as the July 1 long weekend commences they will be flying over recreational areas keeping a watchful eye out for any escaped campfires.
The forest fire hazard across all sections of Northwestern Ontario is currently “high” to “extreme” in most districts, including Fort Frances, and those engaging in outdoor recreational activities this long weekend are highly encouraged to use caution.
If you are camping, be sure to either use a camp stove, or build a fire on mineral soil, keep it small and attend it at all times. Kepp it away from the tree line.
In related news, four FireRanger crews were dispatched from the region to Manitoba as a provincial resource from Ontario. They will begin their assignment in Thompson, Manitoba.
In addition, the East Fire Region is preparing to send more FireRanger crews to assist the firefighting effort in Alberta. These new resources will join other MNR FireRangers and overhead staff who were dispatched to Alberta earlier this month.
To report a wildfire in Northwestern Ontario, call 1-888-284-FIRE (3473).