Seine River FN to build multi-use cultural centre

Press Release

Don Rusnak, Member of Parliament (Thunder Bay-Rainy River), last week announced that the Government of Canada is providing almost $800,000 in funding to Seine River First Nation for two projects that will help improve the promotion and preservation of local culture and heritage.
Rusnak made this announcement on behalf of the Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism.
Funding of $700,000 is going toward the construction of a multi-use cultural centre.
The investment, provided through the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, will enable Seine River First Nation to complete the construction of a new cultural centre, which will allow residents to come together as a community to share knowledge and enjoy cultural activities.
The new facility will include workshop spaces where traditional skills, crafts and other art activities will be delivered, as well as dedicated exhibition and archival storage areas.
Another $70,000 is being awarded through the Aboriginal Heritage component of the Museums Assistance Program to support the hiring of curatorial and heritage interpretative specialists, who will develop planning documents to inform future program offerings at the cultural centre.
The Government is Canada is committed to the advancement of reconciliation by supporting access to cultural infrastructure, and by promoting collaboration in the preservation of Indigenous heritage within their communities.