Secondary teachers ratify new agreement

Local secondary school teachers on Friday voted 84 percent in favour of a tentative agreement with the Rainy River District School Board.
“We’re pleased that it passed,” said Brian Church, president of the local Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation.
“Everybody had certain issues that were important to them,” he added.
While not all these issues could be addressed, Church acknowledged that is a normal part of the bargaining procedure.
“Overall, I think we’re very pleased with the result,” he remarked.
“We had very good communication at the table,” echoed Andrew Hallikas, chief negotiator for OSSTF District 5B. “To get where we are, both sides had to make some significant movements.”
The public board will vote on the tentative agreement at its next regular meeting June 7. Details of the agreement are being withheld until it is ratified.
The local bargaining unit represents 92 secondary teachers in Rainy River, Fort Frances, and Atikokan. Eighty-nine of the 92 members voted.
Meanwhile, local elementary teachers, who also reached a tentative agreement with the public board earlier this month, will hold their ratification vote on Thursday (June 2).
Members of the local Elementary Teachers’ Association of Ontario had begun a work-to-rule campaign back in March. It ended a month later after the Ministry of Education and the provincial ETFO reached an accord.
The ETFO had said it would resume the work-to-rule campaign if agreements were not reached by June 1. The board announced the tentative deal here May 20.
The board also will vote on the ETFO agreement June 7.