SCAP holds spring concert

The Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program (SCAP) held its spring concert to a full house at the Christian Reformed Church in Emo last Thursday evening. The theme was “Growing in God’s Love.”
If you missed this musical extravaganza, you were denied a praise to God occasion that had most of the audience in a jubilant mood throughout the evening.
The 135 students attending SCAP, along with their teachers, combined choruses of inspiration and scripture readings that were beautifully performed with clear voices.
Some portion of the program reflected upon Easter, by the Grade 3-5 students directed by Mrs. Wes Friesen. Sketches included “Peter’s Denial” and “Resurrection Morning.”
Selections sung were “Were You There” and “Resurrection Medley.”
Allan Carlson welcomed the overflow audience and acted as emcee for the evening, introducing each number on the program.
Dorothy Quibell, with the kindergarten and Grades 1-2 classes, recited Jeremiah 17, verses 7-8, and John 15:5. Responding with the songs, “Tree Song” and “Lord, Let My Heart Be Good Soil.”
The Grade 6-8 students, with Miss Newell and accompanied by guitarists Aaron Heerema and Jon Mast, sang “Pi-co-lo-mi-ni” and “This is the Description of Love” (written by S. Newell).
They also recited 1 Corinthians 13 and The Lord’s Prayer.
Miss Newell then came back with the Grade 9 and 10 class, presenting choreography action in “Missing Person” by Michael W. Smith and “You Call Me Beautiful” by N. Nordeman.
They also performed a skit entitled “The Tower of Babel.”
Concluding the evening’s entertainment, the high school choir, directed by Heidi Gerber, blended their voices together for four numbers, “Children of the Living God,” “Come Unto Me,” “Prayer,” and “Let God Love You.”
You could sway to the music it was so well accomplished by the students.
The pianist was Marina Gerber, and instrumentalists included Rachel McBride, Aiaoshika, David Nussbaumer, Aaron Heerema, Julie McQuaker, Jon Mast, Kathryn Goodmand, Sarah Hettinga, Heidi Gustafson, Madelina Dyck, and Krysta Hart.
The offering taken up by the ushers totalled more than $3,000, which is being designated towards a basketball court and grounds project at SCAP.
Vice-principal Kendall Olsen also made several announcements pertaining to SCAP meetings and activities, and thanked the audience for coming.
A big thank you goes out to Marina Gerber and Diane Heerema for helping with the music and driving miles for practices, which is all appreciated. A prayer reminder was presented, with Mr. Wes Friesen closing in prayer.
Refreshments were served in the fellowship hall following the concert.