SAP looking at new campaigns

At least two new campaigns will be put in motion by the Rainy River District Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP) Team and its partners as it starts Year Three this spring.
Both campaigns–a designated driver incentive program in district bars and a “Home Party Pak” (which will increase knowledge about alcohol liability for people who host parties in their homes)–are earmarked to start up in May.
“[These] ideas are major undertakings for us [but] we’re just at the ground-breaking stage right now,” SAP co-ordinator Elaine Caron noted yesterday.
SAP is looking to help bar owners provide soda pop at a reduced cost to those who come in as designated drivers, with the possibility of extra incentives like gas vouchers sweetening the pot.
“We want to help make it worthwhile for [the designated driver] but we will definitely need a buy in from the bar [owners],” said Caron, noting bar owners are being encouraged to join a SAP committee set up to plan the program.
“Bar owners and bartenders can provide valuable feedback because they are the people who are right in that environment,” she added.
Meanwhile, the “Home Party Pak,” of which the Northwestern Health Unit will be a major partner, may contain special occasion permits, legal information, “mocktail” recipes, and taxi vouchers.
“This [package] will be a real benefit to anyone who may be having guests over at their home and are serving alcohol to them,” Caron said, noting SAP was looking at providing the information package through beer and liquor stores.
Other SAP initiatives in store for the near future include a seniors’ fair, Grab-a-Cab program, D.A.R.E. curriculum, youth activities, drug awareness, and a workplace awareness program.