Salvation Army can help with your spring cleaning

Isn’t springtime exciting? The snow is melting and the birds are starting to sing again.
When you swap your heavy winter jacket for a light wind breaker, you also know it’s time to do a little spring cleaning in your wardrobe and around the house.
The Salvation Army Thrift Store can give you a hand in your spring cleaning. We accept any donations that are clean, in good condition, and are reusable.
Please drop off your used goods inside the store during business hours and in the utility shed after-hours. Recently, some donations have been left out on the sidewalk in the rain, where all the goods were damaged.
“I really want people to be aware that a good time to bring donations is during business hours,” Capt. Marlene Sandoval said.
It is important that all donations are in good condition—nothing torn or dirty. Every month, we send from 12,000-14,000 pounds of unusable clothing donations to Toronto.
And we’d appreciate it if you didn’t leave anything on the walkway leading to the store.
We depend on your generous donations to help support our ministries and local food bank, and to meet the needs of all people here in our community.
The money raised in the Thrift Store is used to deliver programs like the food bank, as well as to cover the cost of utilities and employee salaries.
“We are a self-supporting ministry. Everything we collect here stays here,” Capt. Sandoval said.
We also can always use volunteers to come help us in the store with recycling, cleaning, organizing the racks, and sorting through donations.
Looking for a new spring wardrobe once your cleaning is finished? We sell everything including clothing, footwear, small appliances, games, decorations, seasonal goods, and dishes.
Our aim is to provide reasonably-priced and good quality merchandise to meet the needs of all the people in our community.
“I invite everybody to come and check us out,” Capt. Sandoval said.
Capt. Angel and Marlene Sandoval would like to thank the Fort Frances community for so generously donating to the Salvation Army Thrift Store, as well as the food bank.
The hours of operation for the Thrift Store are Monday to Friday from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Beginning April 22, the store also will be open on Saturdays from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.