Runs in the family

In June of every year, Donald Young School gives an academic award to the top male in the Grade 8 class during its graduation ceremonies.
Last June, Luke Judson was given this honour, making him the last in his family to receive the award.
What is unique about Luke receiving this award is that bothhis older brothers also have received it.
Maverick Judson earned the honour in June, 2003 while his older brother, Doug, received it in June, 2000.
This is the first time that one family has had all their children receive the academic award, and parents Cindy and Morris Judson are very proud of all three boys.
Doug currently is in his second year of studies at the University of Ottawa.  He graduated from Fort Frances High School as an honour student and as the student council president.
Maverick, meanwhile, is in his third year Fort High and is an enthusiastic guitar player. This year he will be organizing “The Battle of the Bands” at the school while also being involved in the upcoming musical.
Churchill High School in Thunder Bay is where Luke currently is beginning his Grade 9 education while he plays hockey for the ‘AAA’ Kings organization as a second-year Bantam.