Runaway recovered at border crossing

A 14-year-old runaway was returned home safely Wednesday thanks to due diligence exercised by Canada Border Services Agency officers at the port of entry at Fort Frances.
Late that afternoon, a vehicle with Kansas plates carrying an adult male and a 14-year-old female tried to enter Canada at Fort Frances.
After initial questioning by an officer, the occupants were referred for further questioning concerning admissibility.
During this process, it was discovered the under-aged female was the subject of an amber alert, being a runaway from her residence in Kansas.
The runaway subsequently was returned to the local authorities in the U.S. The adult driver of the vehicle was not permitted entry into Canada.
“We are extremely proud of the role we play,” said Greg Mercure, chief of
operations for Fort Frances.
“Being vigilant and watchful for the children we come in contact with, and working closely with all our partners in law enforcement and other non-profit organizations, is vital in recovering missing children,” he added.
As part of the “Our Missing Children” program, CBSA officers help to locate and reunite many missing or abducted children with their lawful parents or guardians each year.
Since the program started in 1986, CBSA officers have recovered nearly 1,300 children.