RRCC undergoes rebranding initiative

Press Release

Rainy River Community College is gearing up for the fall semester with a fresh and modern college and athletic logo, as well as a new tagline: “We are Voyageurs.”
This is all a part of RRCC’s rebranding initiative to better communicate the benefits of receiving a low-cost, high-quality education in our northern Minnesota setting.
We boast small class sizes, and the staff and faculty know each and every student.
This past spring, RRCC hired Zabava Consulting, a locally-owned and operated web design and marketing company in International Falls, Mn., to lead the rebranding process.
Through the partnership, data collected from focus groups and surveys was analyzed to create a marketing plan and new logos for the initiative.
RRCC is hopeful that rebranding will contribute to increasing enrolment and attracting new partnerships as it looks to the future.
“Based on feedback from current and former RRCC students, prospective students are communicating and receiving messages differently now than in previous years,” said Molly Franz, RRCC director of marketing and recruiting.
“Recruits from out of the area may only be able to view what RRCC has to offer based on the website, social media pages, etc.,” she noted.
“It is crucial we are proactive in modernizing the RRCC academic and athletic logos, layout and look of the website, communication flow, and marketing pieces to increase enrolment,” Franz stressed.
Zabava and RRCC bring forth a design focused on a canoe, which reflects a historical voyageur’s way of life.
While the identity of a voyageur may be unfamiliar to students outside of the region, a canoe is used in most parts of the world.
Similar to how a canoe allowed a voyageur to navigate treacherous rapids and dangerous open waters to reach his destination, we believe Rainy River Community College allows students to reach their destinations and career goals.
Further, many students who attend RRCC from faraway places, including Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas, often are not fully aware of the details of the college prior to setting foot on campus for the first day of classes.
These students are courageous travellers exploring a new frontier.
Our hope is to instill a message to students and the community that we are “Voyageurs.”
“This is a time of change at Rainy River Community College,” said Provost Dr. Roxanne Kelly.
“The new logo brings a fresh perspective to the college, and supports our efforts to grow and support our students as well as our community,” she noted.
“We are all ‘Voyageurs’ and are proud of what we stand for,” Dr. Kelly added.
“Our new logo captures our pride and our commitment to excellence.”
Rainy River Community College encourages local businesses, community organizations, and individuals to welcome students to our community.
Working with the International Falls Chamber of Commerce, area businesses can show their support by displaying a poster to welcome students to the community.