RRCC hosting session for first-year students

Rainy River Community College has announced it will host “The Ultimate Road Trip: Campus2Career,” a free success presentation for first-year college students, next Monday (Aug. 28) at 10:45 a.m. at the RRCC Theater.
The presentation will be delivered on campuses across the U.S. this fall to more than 350,000 students.
The program emphasizes the importance of academics, time management, setting goals, and maximizing opportunities—both in college and in future careers.
“Currently, only 75 percent of college freshmen progress to their sophomore year,” said JR Cifani, vice-president of “Making It Count.”
“Couple that with the fact that only 50 percent of students entering college will graduate within five years and the importance of the program becomes very clear,” Cifani added
“We are providing students with a map to realize their goals and ambitions.”
The impact of the message presented can be seen in the positive evaluation scores given the program by both educators and students.
Last year, campus personnel rated the value of the ideas presented a 9.4 on a 10-point scale while students rated ideas presented an 8.8.
More information about the presentation can be found online at www.makingitcount.com