Riverside Foundation receives early ‘present’

Press Release

What started as a simple phone call to the Riverside Foundation for Health Care from local lawyer Larry Eustace to inquire about a name plate on the donor wall at La Verendrye General Hospital became a $21,530 donation in the season of giving.

“Mr. Eustace called in because he noticed a name plate on the donor wall with his parents’ names on it and it got him thinking about his own name plate on the donor wall,” said Foundation director Allison Cox.

“He asked what amount he would have to give to move him up to the next donor category,” she added.

After checking his file and seeing that he would be looking at just over $20,000 to move from being a Builder ($25,000-$49,999) to a Patron ($50,000-$99,999), Cox was shocked when he asked without hesitation who he should make the cheque out to.

“The generosity of community members that I have the pleasure of witnessing in this position will never get old,” said Cox.

“Every donation we receive, no matter the size makes a difference. But when we have someone like Larry call and give such a large amount just because he likes to give, that’s really something else.”

With this most recent donation, Eustace has contributed $50,000 to the Foundation in the past 14 years.

These most recent funds will be directed towards the purchase of a new washer for Rainycrest Long Term Care Centre valued at just over $14,000.

Eustace, who is neighbour’s with Natalie Kearns, engineering and environmental services manager for Riverside Health Care, wanted to ensure that the funds would benefit an area under her management as a sort of thank you for being such a great neighbour over the years.

The remainder of the funds will be directed towards the annual Christmas Appeal.

In other Foundation news, the Christmas Appeal which kicked off at the end of November has raised almost $20,000, including almost $400 brought in through the “Trim the Tree” campaign running at LVGH.

These funds will go a long way in the Foundation’s goal of raising $43,000 for the purchase of a new MIS Tower for the Riverside Operating Room.

If you are interested in donating towards the appeal, or purchasing an ornament for the 10-foot tree in the lobby of LVGH, please call the Foundation Office at 274-4803.