Riverside boards see few changes

Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc.’s board of directors saw two new members join—and three step down—at its annual general meeting last Thursday in Rainy River.
After five years on the board, former vice-chair Brigitta McGreevy left and was replaced in that role by Wendy Judson, who now is serving her third four-year term on the board.
As well, four-year member Jeanne Jewell stepped down, as did hospital auxiliary rep Noreen Robertson, who spent six years on the board.
New board members appointed included Sara Berg and hospital auxiliary rep Joan Mudge.
Meanwhile, Telford Advent and Norma Elliott had their terms renewed and will stay on for another four years.
The rest of the board includes Robin Wright (chair), Mark Kowalchuk, Marlis Bruyere (First Nations rep), Cecil Ogden, Christine Ruppenstein, Ian Simpson, and Emily Watson.
Dr. Philip Whatley will continue in his role as chief of staff, as will president of medical staff Dr. Kim Myers and vice-president Dr. Barry Anderson.
While there is now one vacancy on the board, Wright noted yesterday the board will wait until its September meeting to decide if it will fill that vacancy or wait until next spring when the call for nomination applications goes out.
The brief meeting, held at the Rainy River Activity Depot, also included reports from CEO Wayne Woods, Dr. Whatley, and the three auxiliaries for La Verendrye, Emo, and Rainy River.
Jon Evans from BDO Dunwoody also presented the audited statements for 2005.
“Everything’s fine. We’re in good shape,” Wright said of the audit.
In related news, the Riverside Foundation for Health Care held its annual general meeting last Monday, which saw special events chair Joan Allison and John McTaggart renewing their terms for another three years.
The other board members include Larry Cousineau (chair), Deane Cunningham (vice-chair), Teresa Hazel (secretary/treasurer), CEO Wayne Woods, Dan Henderson, Wendy Judson, Tammy Kellar, Ian McLennan, and Christine Ruppenstein (Riverside board rep).
The hospital auxiliary reps are Dixie Badiuk (La Verendrye), Heather Oltsher (Emo), and Laurene Hannam (Rainy River).
Other business at the Foundation’s annual meeting included audited statements for 2005 from BDO Dunwoody.